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Birthday Blog Bonanza 2015

Today is Hidden Armada’s 2nd birthday! Feel free to start singing and help yourself to some cake!

Reaching 2 years as a studio isn’t just a milestone because we like levelling up, but because we’ve found our feet and matured
(a little). There’s still plenty for us to discover, but we know the ropes now, we’ve weathered storms, and the new challenges we face will be a little easier to navigate.

Back in 2013 Hidden Armada was just a name on a piece of paper, and this time last year we were in the thick of a Kickstarter campaign. When it failed we went pretty quiet about development besides the occasional tweet, so you’d be forgiven for thinking Mutiny was dead in the water.

Lots has happened since then, but Mutiny is alive and kicking!

We took on some contract work to keep the studio sailing, and demoed Mutiny at gaming events... LOTS of gaming events!

Thousands of players have screamed and shouted at each other while battling for booty at gaming events like Insomnia, Dare Protoplay, Gamescom, EGX Rezzed, and even Minecon (!). We’d like to thank everyone who’s played the demo for giving us their support and such fantastic feedback, both positive and negative, which has helped us improve the gameplay considerably since last year.


To celebrate our survival of another year, we’ve made the latest alpha build of Mutiny available for EVERYONE to enjoy! 

Download it FREE from IndieDB!

However! Attending all these events has resulted in development being been MUCH slower than we’d like, so we’ve decided to take a break from shows for a while, and focus on making some big steps forward with Mutiny so we can wow you all in 2016.

We’ll be doing our best to show you more of the game here, with more frequent updates (shouldn’t be difficult!), and to kick that off, lets answer the top 5 things we get asked at EVERY SHOW!


Fragrantly Asked Questions

1. When will Mutiny be finished?

Honestly, we don’t know for sure, but we’ll be very upset if we’re not finished by this time next year.

2. You got Greenlit on Steam ages ago, why can’t I buy Mutiny in Early Access yet?

We got Greenlit in March, which was awesome (and kind of unexpected), but we still feel the game hasn’t got enough content to ask you to pay for it yet.

3. Will Mutiny be on console?

We’d certainly like to see that happen! We’ve spoken to the folks at Xbox, Sony, and Nintendo about getting Mutiny onto console but ultimately the game to be further along before that decision will be made

4. Will there be online multiplayer?

We’d love to do it, but probably not... 
We’re a small team and online games take a lot of work to build and maintain. Our first priority is to make sure Mutiny is an awesome local co-op experience, because any online play would be an extension of that. If we make millions and have the resources to do online then we will, but for now it’s not on the horizon.

5. How can I play Mutiny at home?

The newly updated IndieDB page has the latest show-build of Mutiny on it.
For best results use wired Xbox controllers to play (Playstation controls are untested)


Follow us on Twitter for more regular updates (and other games related banter), and if you like the new demo of Mutiny do let us know! :D

- Hidden Armada

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NEW DEMO available for download


NEW DEMO available for download

Mutiny Pre-Alpha Demo [Windows] Latest

Tap to Jump
Hold and Release to interact with objects  (pickup, swing, pilot, mount, etc.)
Hold to (fill guage) switch weapons

Hold to use charge attacks (on Oar)



Launch Anything! This includes fellow pirates, foe and kin alike

Dithering ithering camera techniques to prevent harsh clipping of our masts and sails.

New cutout shaders for seeing your pirate behind hefty physics cloth sails, great for revealing cool stuff.

I can see you, crafty pirate at the helm!

Added attacks to sword and oar combos
Additional animations and quicker timing on combat strikes.

Sound effects from Adam Wyroslawski


Melon melon.

ADDED HOGGU - We've hidden a hoggu in the game, can you find him?

Mutiny Pre-Alpha Demo [Windows] Latest

Mutiny Pre-Alpha Demo [Mac] Latest

Mutiny Pre-Alpha Demo [Linux] Latest




Mutiny Press Statement


Hidden Armada presents: Mutiny! + Mutiny Mobile!

A 16-player pirate brawler of betrayal, and mobile app to
turn phones into controllers and more besides.

October 2nd 2014 - Dundee, UK - Up and coming indie developer Hidden Armada is excited to announce their debut title: Mutiny! - A backstabbing brawler for 16 players locally on PC, Mac, and Linux, alongside Mutiny Mobile! - An optional app for the game which turns a phone into a controller for Mutiny!, enables second-screen gameplay, and allows data transfer between games, for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Mutiny! is a local multiplayer brawler with simultaneous co-op and VS gameplay. Players form a crew with friends and fight together to defend their ship against attacking enemy pirates, while also competing with each other over possession of the Captain's Hat, in this richest-player-wins game of treasure and treachery.

A crew must work together to protect their gold and keep their ship afloat, as they try to escape through hostile waters. Sinking means game over for all players, so communication is vital. Assuming they survive, the winner is the pirate with the most gold at the end of the voyage, so players will also be looking for any ‘opportune moments’ to get one over on teammates. Primarily aiming for the coveted Captain's Hat, which gives its wearer distinct advantages in grabbing gold, but also makes them a target for Mutiny! The range of weapons and items, the dynamic combat arenas, and the mixture of co-op and competitive gameplay makes for an action-packed chaotic melee frenzy!

Hidden Armada are also developing a companion app called Mutiny Mobile. Players who download it can connect over wi-fi to turn a phone into a controller for the main game, so they always have a controller ready to use, and without any tangled wires. This technology is what allows up to 16 players locally for real party-game mayhem. Mutiny Mobile also enables innovative second-screen gameplay, where players can view ‘secret’ information on device like where bombs will fall, enemy weaknesses, or where hidden treasure is located. Players can choose to share or withhold this information from their team to assist them or take advantage. The app can be used while disconnected to create characters to use in Mutiny! later, and save any rewards earned elsewhere to the device and then push them back into their own game at home.

“Mutiny! is an ambitious project for a team of 3, but we are a passionate and experienced team determined to set a bar of quality with our debut release.” said Hidden Armada’s design director Will Wright, “We’re 100% focused on making sure the game gets the best introduction to players it can have, and trying to push the boundaries of what can be done with local multiplayer. Everything is on the line now with our Kickstarter going live, it’s very exciting!”

The pre-alpha demo has been shown at Dare IndieFest, Insomnia 52, and EGX, and will be playable at the upcoming Play Expo and MCM London events. The alpha will be released in December 2014.

Mutiny! is currently on both Kickstarter and Greenlight.

About Hidden Armada

Hidden Armada is an independent studio founded by 3 developers in late 2013, that strives to deliver fresh experiences to users with vivid visuals and innovative technologies. Visit us at www.hiddenarmada.com

### - END

Further information:

Presskit - hiddenarmada.com/presskit
Kickstarter - tinyurl.com/mutinyKS
Email - ww@hiddenarmada.com
Twitter - twitter.com/hiddenarmada
Facebook - facebook.com/hiddenarmada




Mutiny! - Even More Awesome!


Mutiny! - Even More Awesome!

Mutiny Exposed!

We've been working on Mutiny for a while now, and with our Kickstarter imminent its time to be honest and admit we've been keeping one or two secrets...

We demoed the game at Dare IndieFest and Insomnia52 in the summer and showed off the core of what we've been working on: a solid multiplayer brawler with team threats and a need for collaboration, seasoned with personal opportunities for greed and treachery, taking place on a dynamic ocean where the arena is always moving. 

We've worked hard to make sure that the core of the game was fun, and had at least a few toys to play with before revealing the rest, and after we got such a fantastic response at these events from members of the public and industry professionals, we are more certain than ever that we have something special here.

So it's even more exciting to be announcing our larger vision for the game!

As we've been building up the game, we've also been building up "JOYN" a mobile framework that will allow us to do some pretty special things. So Mutiny isn't just a 4 player pirate brawler for PC, its actually a 16 PLAYER pirate brawler for PC with MOBILE CONNECTIVITY! 

Sounds impressive right? 16 players!!! OMG! Wow! But what the hell does 'mobile connectivity' even mean??

Well, it means we're making a companion app for the game, NOT a mobile version of the game itself, and "Mutiny Mobile" will let you sync your device with the main game over a wi-fi network, and turn it into a control pad to play the game with, which lets us get up to 16 players on screen at once for a truly EPIC brawl!

Mutiny Mobile ALSO lets us do some really cool stuff with your SCREEN! 

If you're playing on the phone, you have a second screen to view alongside the mayhem on the big screen. This means we can show you 'secret' information like where cannonballs will land, or where enemy ships will attack you from, or even a give you a first-person view of the action! The possibilities are endless!

You can use this information to warn your team of incoming danger, helping them to stay safe, or y'know, watch them get blown up and then steal all their gold... whichever one you prefer! We're really excited to find out what other cool features we can introduce to the game using this technology, as we feel we're only just scratching the surface here.

The simple benefit of Mutiny Mobile, is that you always have a controller in your pocket, and you can play with your friends without having to worry about having enough pads, or untangling cables. You just press a button and join a game.

In addition to this the app will allow you to create characters on your device, and use them in the main game, at home or at a friend's house, and any rewards you earn while playing elsewhere will be saved on your device and can be pushed back into your own game!

Mutiny Mobile will also work like any other app, without needing to be connected to the main game, and we're going to include a bunch of minigames to play while you're on the move, also with rewards you can roll back into the main game. 

At least, that's the plan as long as our Kickstarter goes well!

We're launching our campaign next week, and there'll be more details about where we're going with all this arising over the course of the campaign. We've got some awesome rewards both virtual and physical for you folks who want to see Mutiny become all it can be, and (*fingers crossed*) one or two other announcements to make if our schedule goes according to plan.

We really hope you'll back us, share the page, and join us on our social channels for what's going to be one heck of a voyage!

Until then, 
May a good wind carry you forward!

- The Hidden Armada Crew

P.S. We're also at EGX London next week! Come and play the game!



Mutiny! at Insomnia 52

My first view of the Ricoh Arena was from the back seat of a taxi negotiating the bend of a nearby roundabout. A massive building for what I was soon to learn was a massive gaming convention event, Insomnia 52 organised by Multiplay.

I wasn't prepared. It was thrilling.

 Blurry photos of our stand in my excitement.

Blurry photos of our stand in my excitement.

I learned later, some days after exhibiting Mutiny in the Expo Hall that the event had been split across the venue, even pitching a tent over the arena's pitch itself. In my excitement I took some blurry photos of our table setup amongst the other developers in the Indie Zone. 

 Artwork contributed by The Swift featuring pirates, mayhem and piggu.

Artwork contributed by The Swift featuring pirates, mayhem and piggu.

 Piggu piggu piggu!

Piggu piggu piggu!

Many thanks to the guys at Lamplight Studios for the end of first day adventure in their car, from Ricoh to Coventry Rail Station. Looking forward to seeing their progress on Pixel Story at future events. Stand out game for me was Friendship Club, a collaboration between the lovely folks at Force of Habit and . A fast paced (or slow, it's an option!) multiplayer shooter, where you can headbutt bullets to catch them.

Mutiny gained a fair amount of positive feedback which gives us confidence we're creating something players will enjoy.

Best news is, Insomnia returns in November. We'll be there, will you?


Character Anvil Concept


Character Anvil Concept

Character Concept: Anvil

Character Concept for Mutiny, we call him Anvil. Shipwright/Blacksmith wandering the ocean in search of previous metals to bend to his will.

His role in the world of pirates as yet to be seen. Plenty of weapons aboard his ship to barter or steal?! Never before seen explosion makers yet to be tested!?

He hits things with his hammer until they work.


Analogue to Digital Gamejam


Analogue to Digital Gamejam

Thanks to a good word from our friends at Quartic Llama, we were lucky enough to be invited along to Analogue to Digital meetup on Friday the 13th. Rather than being horribly murdered though, we were delighted to find we had wandered into a gamejam with an excellent twist.

Organised between the crazy engineers at Lucky Frame and Dayna Galloway of Abertay's Game Lab, we were challenged to build a controller out of whatever we could find in the loft at Fleet Collective in Dundee plus some arcade buttons. It was Scrapheap Challenge with games, and it was awesome.

Hidden Armada teamed up with Space Budgie to build the remake you've all been waiting for, Paper Buoy! Replacing the 1980s themes with a more modern and serious take, you now deliver the news from your gondola in a flooded dystopia, where all news is stored on floppy disk and you are Kevin Costner.

In only 5 hours we built a real life punting stick by attaching a wheel to a carpet tube and embedded a floppy disk into the tube which had to be 'pinged' in order to deliver your papers, by hooking up some cables to register the input, as well as building the game itself.


At the end of the day we were able to play the other team's games which were also fantastic.

  • A 3 player seagull game where you poo on people
  • A gardening game with a full garden and squirty bottle controller
  • A 2 player race where you control one leg at a time
  • A highly difficult cargo ship delivery game
  • A button-sequence race game made out of shelves (and best played with feet)

  • Warped tennis game "Pnog" with special 'cheat stick'
  • The self explanatory Sheep-Cat-Rave

All in all, it was a very impressive output for an extremely short gamejam, and a huge amount of fun was had building the controllers.

Thanks to all involved for making it such a fantastic day, roll on the next one! :D


Mutiny! at GoNorth


Mutiny! at GoNorth

This week we travelled (by car no less) to Inverness, bundling up a 42 inch monster of a screen to demo our latest build of Mutiny at the GoNorth event. A blend of ranging creative industries mingling together.

 Will testing out the build before the attendees arrive

Will testing out the build before the attendees arrive

There was some stressing involved when we discovered a shader order rendering bug moments before the doors were opening, so we ended up having to run the game from within the Unity Editor despite testing it numerous times in preparation.

Gary Penn had us thinking about the telling of our story in his talk and how key it is to connecting with the player on many levels.

Later we wedged ourselves into the crowd at the Ironworks, much to our confuzzlement as a decked out catwalk split those attending the free bar down the middle for a full on Fashion Show. The consensus being the last set gained most favour, but quickly went from nods of approval to tilted heads as the designer stepped more into weird as each item was featured.

Shout out to the folks we met from LudometricsGuerilla Tea, Blazing Griffin, Junkfish and more for the sharing of stories over drinks. Thank you to those who played Mutiny, and offered their feedback and support!



Fatbeard Work in Progress

Fatbeard provides the first target for players to mutiny, an imposing figure to rally against. A solid giant to stomp around.

Initial model and texture in the context of the height of the Mutineer, at roughly twice the height I thought he'd tower over them on the ship but when I dropped him into the Unity scene it didn't match up to expectations.

A likely contributing factor to this was orthographic projection of the character, but he didn't have the ohsh*t sense I was aiming for, especially compared to props like the barrels. So I scaled him up in the prefab by a factor of 1.5 

I feel like this is a good starting point, and once he has some stomping around animations, he'll convey his weight and power a bunch more. This process highlighted how intense the lighting in the scene had become, comparing the raw diffuse texture in Blenders unlit version to the over saturated feel in the scene. I'm aiming toward balancing out the brightness/ value in environment textures to keep the feel vibrant without relying on the lights to deliver it.

Here's the current scale with the most recent textures painted for Fatbeard. I learned to use Blenders texture painting functionality to smudge the texture seams between islands, to smooth out  and blend the colours together in the more visible areas. I look forward to getting him rigged accordingly and interacting on deck!