Hidden Armada presents: Mutiny! + Mutiny Mobile!

A 16-player pirate brawler of betrayal, and mobile app to
turn phones into controllers and more besides.

October 2nd 2014 - Dundee, UK - Up and coming indie developer Hidden Armada is excited to announce their debut title: Mutiny! - A backstabbing brawler for 16 players locally on PC, Mac, and Linux, alongside Mutiny Mobile! - An optional app for the game which turns a phone into a controller for Mutiny!, enables second-screen gameplay, and allows data transfer between games, for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Mutiny! is a local multiplayer brawler with simultaneous co-op and VS gameplay. Players form a crew with friends and fight together to defend their ship against attacking enemy pirates, while also competing with each other over possession of the Captain's Hat, in this richest-player-wins game of treasure and treachery.

A crew must work together to protect their gold and keep their ship afloat, as they try to escape through hostile waters. Sinking means game over for all players, so communication is vital. Assuming they survive, the winner is the pirate with the most gold at the end of the voyage, so players will also be looking for any ‘opportune moments’ to get one over on teammates. Primarily aiming for the coveted Captain's Hat, which gives its wearer distinct advantages in grabbing gold, but also makes them a target for Mutiny! The range of weapons and items, the dynamic combat arenas, and the mixture of co-op and competitive gameplay makes for an action-packed chaotic melee frenzy!

Hidden Armada are also developing a companion app called Mutiny Mobile. Players who download it can connect over wi-fi to turn a phone into a controller for the main game, so they always have a controller ready to use, and without any tangled wires. This technology is what allows up to 16 players locally for real party-game mayhem. Mutiny Mobile also enables innovative second-screen gameplay, where players can view ‘secret’ information on device like where bombs will fall, enemy weaknesses, or where hidden treasure is located. Players can choose to share or withhold this information from their team to assist them or take advantage. The app can be used while disconnected to create characters to use in Mutiny! later, and save any rewards earned elsewhere to the device and then push them back into their own game at home.

“Mutiny! is an ambitious project for a team of 3, but we are a passionate and experienced team determined to set a bar of quality with our debut release.” said Hidden Armada’s design director Will Wright, “We’re 100% focused on making sure the game gets the best introduction to players it can have, and trying to push the boundaries of what can be done with local multiplayer. Everything is on the line now with our Kickstarter going live, it’s very exciting!”

The pre-alpha demo has been shown at Dare IndieFest, Insomnia 52, and EGX, and will be playable at the upcoming Play Expo and MCM London events. The alpha will be released in December 2014.

Mutiny! is currently on both Kickstarter and Greenlight.

About Hidden Armada

Hidden Armada is an independent studio founded by 3 developers in late 2013, that strives to deliver fresh experiences to users with vivid visuals and innovative technologies. Visit us at www.hiddenarmada.com

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Further information:

Presskit - hiddenarmada.com/presskit
Kickstarter - tinyurl.com/mutinyKS
Email - ww@hiddenarmada.com
Twitter - twitter.com/hiddenarmada
Facebook - facebook.com/hiddenarmada