This is the first entry in our devblog, which is awesome because it means we're advancing as a company and beginning to get the good word out there about Hidden Armada and Mutiny.

But it also sucks.

It sucks because it comes a week before GDC, and we need to have this site ready (obviously) and we also need our game demo to be ready for it too, which has a mile long list of fixes needed. We've just acquired a Mac to allow us to dev on that, and now we need to get it set up with a build of Mutiny, slay a bunch of new bugs, and generally learn how the hell to use them!  We've also got to prepare for meetings while out at GDC, make sure we're contactable, make sure we have somewhere to stay, and a million other things alongside.

This can be summarised as "too much to do, not enough time." which also summarises much of the games industry in general, but that's another blogpost...

But here we are, website soon to be live and ready for a first post. This first post was going to be about the history of Mutiny, to get you all caught up and we can start telling you newer news than "we had this idea...", then it seemed better to focus on GDC since its our pressing concern at the moment... but again there's so much to say and so little time to say it.

So our first post is this: sorry!

Sorry because we don't have the time to sink into being informative and witty this week, but we soon will. As soon as we can in fact, because we're bursting to start sharing the stories that brought us to this point. I'm sure blogposts about us being stupidly busy will be commonplace, but at least they'll have a bit more content behind them.

What would you like to hear about the most?