At the core of Mutiny! we have our Mutineers. Tiny pirates capable of mischief, marauding and more. As artist at HA, it was my task to realise the playable characters for Mutiny!

A key ingredient in their design are their Bandanas accompanied by their over sized heads, an early visual aid for the player to track and follow their mutineer while they run around the ship deck.

At Hidden Armada we have integrated Blender into our 3D pipeline, so for the last few months I have been adapting my previous modelling experience from Maya to create assets for our GDC demo.


Navigating in Blender is a little askew from Maya and indeed Unity's default setup, however I've mapped middle mouse click/hold to one of the buttons on my Wacom stylus pen and find this in conjunction with the ctrl, shift and alt keys on the left hand a more comfortable arrangement overall.

I've become fond of Blenders method of panning, and scaling following the same rules as in the 3D scene, as in their timeline / dope sheets and have often caught myself trying to do the same in other software much to my dismay.