After the condensed development for GDC's demo,  I released some creative steam on some fun assets for Mutiny in a creature kick. I returned to the shark concept from earlier countdown imagery and decided to work him up into a 3D model.

A key consideration in the sharks' look and feel was to keep in him keeping with the adorable tone that has come through. A good step toward this I felt was limiting the row of teeth to the lower jaw, removing the impact of threat. 

Low poly model of a shark from the waters of Mutiny!

I've been keeping the models fairly low poly as a means to preserving their chunky feel and silhouette. I joke that the shark eats polys for breakfast and a bunch got stuck in his teeth. Textures have been hand painted in photoshop and this is the current first pass on the diffuse.

Current diffuse texture for the shark

By their powers combined. This is how the shark is looking so far!

 I've rigged the shark and found with the placement of an upper and lower jaw bones I can create some fairly pleasing expressions keeping the shark happy go hungry.

 Shark Acting classes optional.

Shark Acting classes optional.

There's some vertex weighting issues to be addressed, particularly around the inner mouth still to be tweaked. Thanks for stopping by, and if you see any glaring errors I'm falling down on do drop me a note so I can improve. Cheers!