Fatbeard provides the first target for players to mutiny, an imposing figure to rally against. A solid giant to stomp around.

Initial model and texture in the context of the height of the Mutineer, at roughly twice the height I thought he'd tower over them on the ship but when I dropped him into the Unity scene it didn't match up to expectations.

A likely contributing factor to this was orthographic projection of the character, but he didn't have the ohsh*t sense I was aiming for, especially compared to props like the barrels. So I scaled him up in the prefab by a factor of 1.5 

I feel like this is a good starting point, and once he has some stomping around animations, he'll convey his weight and power a bunch more. This process highlighted how intense the lighting in the scene had become, comparing the raw diffuse texture in Blenders unlit version to the over saturated feel in the scene. I'm aiming toward balancing out the brightness/ value in environment textures to keep the feel vibrant without relying on the lights to deliver it.

Here's the current scale with the most recent textures painted for Fatbeard. I learned to use Blenders texture painting functionality to smudge the texture seams between islands, to smooth out  and blend the colours together in the more visible areas. I look forward to getting him rigged accordingly and interacting on deck!