Thanks to a good word from our friends at Quartic Llama, we were lucky enough to be invited along to Analogue to Digital meetup on Friday the 13th. Rather than being horribly murdered though, we were delighted to find we had wandered into a gamejam with an excellent twist.

Organised between the crazy engineers at Lucky Frame and Dayna Galloway of Abertay's Game Lab, we were challenged to build a controller out of whatever we could find in the loft at Fleet Collective in Dundee plus some arcade buttons. It was Scrapheap Challenge with games, and it was awesome.

Hidden Armada teamed up with Space Budgie to build the remake you've all been waiting for, Paper Buoy! Replacing the 1980s themes with a more modern and serious take, you now deliver the news from your gondola in a flooded dystopia, where all news is stored on floppy disk and you are Kevin Costner.

In only 5 hours we built a real life punting stick by attaching a wheel to a carpet tube and embedded a floppy disk into the tube which had to be 'pinged' in order to deliver your papers, by hooking up some cables to register the input, as well as building the game itself.


At the end of the day we were able to play the other team's games which were also fantastic.

  • A 3 player seagull game where you poo on people
  • A gardening game with a full garden and squirty bottle controller
  • A 2 player race where you control one leg at a time
  • A highly difficult cargo ship delivery game
  • A button-sequence race game made out of shelves (and best played with feet)

  • Warped tennis game "Pnog" with special 'cheat stick'
  • The self explanatory Sheep-Cat-Rave

All in all, it was a very impressive output for an extremely short gamejam, and a huge amount of fun was had building the controllers.

Thanks to all involved for making it such a fantastic day, roll on the next one! :D