This week we travelled (by car no less) to Inverness, bundling up a 42 inch monster of a screen to demo our latest build of Mutiny at the GoNorth event. A blend of ranging creative industries mingling together.

 Will testing out the build before the attendees arrive

Will testing out the build before the attendees arrive

There was some stressing involved when we discovered a shader order rendering bug moments before the doors were opening, so we ended up having to run the game from within the Unity Editor despite testing it numerous times in preparation.

Gary Penn had us thinking about the telling of our story in his talk and how key it is to connecting with the player on many levels.

Later we wedged ourselves into the crowd at the Ironworks, much to our confuzzlement as a decked out catwalk split those attending the free bar down the middle for a full on Fashion Show. The consensus being the last set gained most favour, but quickly went from nods of approval to tilted heads as the designer stepped more into weird as each item was featured.

Shout out to the folks we met from LudometricsGuerilla Tea, Blazing Griffin, Junkfish and more for the sharing of stories over drinks. Thank you to those who played Mutiny, and offered their feedback and support!