Mutiny Exposed!

We've been working on Mutiny for a while now, and with our Kickstarter imminent its time to be honest and admit we've been keeping one or two secrets...

We demoed the game at Dare IndieFest and Insomnia52 in the summer and showed off the core of what we've been working on: a solid multiplayer brawler with team threats and a need for collaboration, seasoned with personal opportunities for greed and treachery, taking place on a dynamic ocean where the arena is always moving. 

We've worked hard to make sure that the core of the game was fun, and had at least a few toys to play with before revealing the rest, and after we got such a fantastic response at these events from members of the public and industry professionals, we are more certain than ever that we have something special here.

So it's even more exciting to be announcing our larger vision for the game!

As we've been building up the game, we've also been building up "JOYN" a mobile framework that will allow us to do some pretty special things. So Mutiny isn't just a 4 player pirate brawler for PC, its actually a 16 PLAYER pirate brawler for PC with MOBILE CONNECTIVITY! 

Sounds impressive right? 16 players!!! OMG! Wow! But what the hell does 'mobile connectivity' even mean??

Well, it means we're making a companion app for the game, NOT a mobile version of the game itself, and "Mutiny Mobile" will let you sync your device with the main game over a wi-fi network, and turn it into a control pad to play the game with, which lets us get up to 16 players on screen at once for a truly EPIC brawl!

Mutiny Mobile ALSO lets us do some really cool stuff with your SCREEN! 

If you're playing on the phone, you have a second screen to view alongside the mayhem on the big screen. This means we can show you 'secret' information like where cannonballs will land, or where enemy ships will attack you from, or even a give you a first-person view of the action! The possibilities are endless!

You can use this information to warn your team of incoming danger, helping them to stay safe, or y'know, watch them get blown up and then steal all their gold... whichever one you prefer! We're really excited to find out what other cool features we can introduce to the game using this technology, as we feel we're only just scratching the surface here.

The simple benefit of Mutiny Mobile, is that you always have a controller in your pocket, and you can play with your friends without having to worry about having enough pads, or untangling cables. You just press a button and join a game.

In addition to this the app will allow you to create characters on your device, and use them in the main game, at home or at a friend's house, and any rewards you earn while playing elsewhere will be saved on your device and can be pushed back into your own game!

Mutiny Mobile will also work like any other app, without needing to be connected to the main game, and we're going to include a bunch of minigames to play while you're on the move, also with rewards you can roll back into the main game. 

At least, that's the plan as long as our Kickstarter goes well!

We're launching our campaign next week, and there'll be more details about where we're going with all this arising over the course of the campaign. We've got some awesome rewards both virtual and physical for you folks who want to see Mutiny become all it can be, and (*fingers crossed*) one or two other announcements to make if our schedule goes according to plan.

We really hope you'll back us, share the page, and join us on our social channels for what's going to be one heck of a voyage!

Until then, 
May a good wind carry you forward!

- The Hidden Armada Crew

P.S. We're also at EGX London next week! Come and play the game!