Form a crew with friends and work together to survive enemy waters, collecting treasure as a team and keeping your ship afloat. But watch your back! Everyone aims to be the richest pirate of all, and will betray you in a second for a few golden groats!


Mutiny! is a multiplayer pirate brawler for up to 16 players and is both Co-op and VS at the same time! Fight together to defend your ship against invading pirate clans who plan on stealing your loot and sinking your ship, while also battling your friends over gold and the acclaimed Captain's Hat. 

Become Captain to be bigger, stronger and better than everyone else, but keep an eye on them! All your friends are aiming to be Captain too, and they'll MUTINY as soon as they have the chance!

Voyage across a dynamic ocean through ever-shifting arenas, each packed with a wide array of gear to help you get the upper hand. Cannons, Bombs, Ropes, Barrels, and... Pigs?! Use it all to take down your foes, but remember they can use it too!

Choose from a variety of weapons to swashbuckle your way to victory! From Swords and Pistols to Anchors and Oars, pretty much anything you see can be used as a weapon to smack your rivals into the shark-infested waters below!

Work together to survive the attacks of enemy pirates, because if you sink, its game-over for everyone! So plunder as much of their loot as you can before you reach your island paradise, and you could be crowned the King of the Pirates!








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