Hidden Armada
Based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Release Date:
Alpha: Q1 2016
Beta: Q2 2016
Final: Q3 2016

Platforms (Game):
PC + Mac 

Platforms (App):
iOS / Android / Windows 

Regular Price:
£15 / $19 / €19



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Will Wright
Design, Business 

Michael Doig

Machine [0]
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Adam Wyroslawski
Audio Design




MUTINY! is a local-multiplayer swashbuckle 'em-up where you battle enemies, and betray friends in a frantic game of treasure and treachery!

Raid rival pirate clans in this full-3D brawler and use their stolen gold, weapons, and items to help you survive aboard your pirate-ship arena, as you sail across a dynamic, physics-enabled ocean and try to become the richest pirate of them all and get crowned King (or Queen!) of the 77 Seas.

If you can become Captain and take command of the ship, you'll gain combat perks that will help you defeat enemies and get more gold. But watch your back! Your scurvy crew will soon MUTINY against you, keen to claim the perks of Captaincy for themselves, so it'll be hard to hold onto your hat.

Up to 8 players can form a crew as standard, but an additional 8 can be added with Mutiny Mobile!

Mutiny Mobile is a mobile app where you create and customise pirates on your device, then connect to Mutiny to play with them in the main game. Our 'companion controller' allows you to directly control your personal pirate with your phone, use the second screen to view secret info that could give you an edge, and even save your loot to the device so you can use it at a friends house.

Enabling ridiculous 16-player chaos, Mutiny Mobile delivers a second-screen experience like no other.


Hidden Armada believes the most fun to be had playing games comes from playing with friends, and then screwing them over to get ahead, because this leads to shouting at each other,  and shouting at each other is fun. Pirates encapsulate this idea perfectly (and are awesome), leading us naturally to having simultaneous co-op and VS gameplay, and the rest is Mutiny!


Powerstone meets Fat Princess by way of Zelda: Wind Waker


  • Up to 16 player local multiplayer pirate brawler
  • Simultaneous co-op + VS gameplay
  • Beautiful hand-painted art style
  • Dynamic ocean + combat arenas
  • Tonnes of weapons and equipment for ships
  • Pig jousting minigame
  • Companion app that turns your phone or tablet into a controller
  • Second screen gameplay features for device users
  • Earn rewards at a friend's / on the move and add them to your main game


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About Hidden Armada

Hidden Armada is an independent studio setting sail upon the seas on imagination!

More Information
Hidden Armada was formed in late 2013 by three passionate young(ish) developers, dreaming of local-multiplayer mayhem like your mother used to make. After succeeding in the 2009 Dare to be Digital contest and spending years in the industry, this veteran programmer, versatile artist, and vehement designer saw what could be if their powers combined again. Thus, Hidden Armada was born!

Based on presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) et al.